Have you ever had a toothache which brought you agonizing pain to the point that you are unable to eat, rest, or work? If you need emergency dental care, Luxe DentalTM is here to help. We can provide immediate treatment to patients who require emergency care same day.

Emergency Dental

Luxe Uptown

3000 Blackburn Street
Suite 140A Dallas, TX 75204

Luxe Victory Park

2990 Nowitzki Way
Suite 150 Dallas, TX 75219


214.416.9931 option 1 (Uptown)
214.416.9931 option 2 (Victory Park)
214.416.9931 option 3
(Luxe Assisting School)
214.416.9931 (Fax)

Appointment Booking

luxedental@gmail.com(Uptown) luxedentalvp@gmail.com(VictoryPark)
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