Mellow Yellow: Choosing the Best Teeth Whitening Option for You

Mellow Yellow: Choosing the Best Teeth Whitening Option for You

Whitening toothpaste.  Whitening gum.  Mouthwash.  Custom trays.  Zoom whitening  and strips.  Whitening swabs and brush-on gel.  Oh me, oh my.

It is true that all of us have looked into teeth whitening options at some point and wondered, “which one is the right one for me?”

There are many available options these days, from drug store to dentist.

Here are some points to consider when choosing your method of teeth whitening.  Dental whitening strips, such as Crest Whitening is one example of teeth whitening that can be purchased over-the-counter.  This product includes hydrogen peroxide which is the same main ingredient in all whitening products; however, all over-the-counter products will offer a lower dosage than your dentist offers which can result in longer treatment and require more strips.  In the end, it can be more costly to purchase the over-the-counter product than the take home kits dentist can offer you.  Additionally, the more exposure to hydrogen peroxide, the more sensitive your teeth will become.

Today, most dental offices offer the take home bleaching kits, including custom trays, “free” with regular cleanings and checkups.  These kits come with the invaluable benefit of dental supervision and instruction on proper usage, something you can not necessarily get with over the counter whitening strips which can cause sensitivity over long term usage without supervision.  Your dentist can also assess the general health of your teeth and gums as cavities can become excruciatingly sensitive with whitening.

In office whitening methods such as ZOOM!® are another popular way to brighten your smile in one visit. If you are concerned about the price, remember sessions can be done in intervals of 15 minutes which can make this process much more efficient and affordable. Most dental offices will also offer patients a take home kit to continue bleaching for touch-ups.

Today’s dentistry offers so many affordable and practical whitening options that your teeth may be a few hours from that bright white smile you have always wanted.

Make a dental appointment to discuss what whitening method is best for you!!!


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