About Us

At Luxe DentalTM it is our passion to provide a luxurious dental experience while the dentist cares for you, aided by the precision of state of the art technologies, equipment and techniques. We want to provide the utmost care for our patients with comfort as a priority.  We provide friendly personal service, such as custom music and movies.  Every patient will have private consultations.  For your comfort, all exam rooms are private, the dental chairs are lined with memory foam and have articulating head rests for increased relaxation.
"Experience the Luxury of Cutting Edge Dentistry"

Advanced Technology:

20 years ago advanced dentistry was a tooth colored filling versus a silver one. At Luxe DentalTM that is a thing of the past. Now, intra-oral cameras, portable digital x-rays and 3D computer aided design, to name a few, are all available. At Luxe DentalTM, you will find our standard of care, to include the use of state of the art auto-fluorescence intra-oral cameras, Invisalign orthodontics, exposure aids, microscopes, magnifying lenses, and super bright focused LED lighting to maximize the diagnosis and care for your teeth.

Precise diagnostics:

The dentists will have at their disposal, the latest technologies to enhance the precision of their diagnostic abilities. Our intra-oral cameras use an auto-fluorescent light to not only give a crystal clear picture but also detect cavities with 98% accuracy. Early detection helps prevent costly issues later. Digital x-rays are taken with Nomad, a portable low-radiation device.

Precision Treatments:

Imagine when you come to Luxe DentalTM, your tooth is restored by 3D CAD/CAM technology. The precision is completed with computer guided diamond tip milling. This is done right in front of your eyes and in one single visit. This is achieved, with Cerec Sirona 3D, a German-engineered CAD/CAM technology. In fact, this technology makes multiple visits for crowns a thing of the past. It elevates composite fillings to stronger, harder porcelain ones. Now that’s true high-tech luxury!

Superior Standards:

Gone are the days of thick, chicklet like veneers, here at Luxe DentalTM we are passionate and always strive for a natural, beautiful smile. Our labs for fabricating your dental work are nationally renowned. Patients receive only the highest standards and techniques.

New Developments:

When you are as passionate about something as we are about dentistry, we will never stop looking for even better ways to provide luxurious, comfortable, and precise dentistry. The list of all the exciting developments is too long to write here but stop by and we would love to give you a tour—No doubt you will be blown away by all the possibilities!

Excitement and Affordability:

Luxe DentalTM is affordable luxury. We are preferred providers for all major dental insurance. We provide different methods of financing including zero-interest payment plans. This is luxury you can’t afford to miss!!!!

We are so excited to bring you all of this technology, under one roof, while ensuring patient comfort and increased standards of care.

Luxe Uptown

3000 Blackburn Street
Suite 140A Dallas, TX 75204

Luxe Victory Park

2990 Nowitzki Way
Suite 150 Dallas, TX 75219


214.416.9931 option 1 (Uptown)
214.416.9931 option 2 (Victory Park)
214.416.9931 option 3
(Luxe Assisting School)
214.416.9931 (Fax)

Appointment Booking

luxedental@gmail.com(Uptown) luxedentalvp@gmail.com(VictoryPark)
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