We offer three economical ways to get your teeth their whitest.

  • Laser Whitening: Your visit will involve a few simple steps. We will place a unique liquid dam to protect your gums and apply professtional grade bleaching gel on your teeth and have you sit under our patented Zoom 2 Laser Whitening Light for 1 hour. Call us for more details and specials.Laser tooth whitening happens to be highly regarded, considering the fact that so many persons need to boost their smile. There are a number of possibilities readily available to assist you to attain that vibrant white smile. So that you can acquire shiny white smile that is every people desires, you will better call at your dentist as well as find which. Signs and symptoms the fundamental those is able to afford repayment are the famous celebrities and rich people, zoom whitening has generated a reliable method
  • Take Home Whitening: This is a very popular option with our patients. We make custom trays from molds of your teeth and have you use our professional grade bleaching gel with them in the comfort of your own home
  • Combination of Laser and Home Whitening: To get your teeth their whitest, nothing is more powerful than combining both techniques. Take advantage of our free consult to ensure maximum results.

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